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All Uday and Bazar di Magia cups sets sold out.

The Zippered Wallet - PLUS!

This is the Zippered Wallet which is used for the Card in Sealed Envelope routine in the Bill Palmer Lecture Notes. Normally, this wallet sells for $65.00. When you order it from us, you get not only the wallet, but you get 1 dozen extra envelopes, plus the Bill Palmer card guide (a $5.00 value!) and the Triple Impact Card in Wallet Routine, as well as the normal instructions that are furnished with the wallet.

Your Price -- $ 50.00

NEW!!! EVEN Lower Price $25.00

The Bill Palmer Card Guide

Tired of missing the spot when you do the Card in Wallet? This card guide virtually eliminates the problem. Works with any wallet. Cut to size. Instructions included

Your Price -- $ 5.00

John Cornelius Perfect Pen Thru Anything

This is the real John Cornelius Perfect Pen Thru Anything. There is none better.

Regular Price $49.95
Your Price $45.00

NEW!!!! Lecture notes from Bill's Renaissance Festival Lecture.
How to Work as a Renaissance Festival Magician

Nothing held back. These notes tell you how to dress, how to speak, the kinds of material to do, how to work with the audience, how to pass your hat effectively,

And Most important of all!!!

How to get the job!!!!!

Bill Palmer worked for 26 years at the Texas Renaissance Festival as Merlin the Magician. Nobody knows more about this business than he does! He has appeared at many different Renaissance Festivals and knows the ins and outs of the business. These notes can give you a second career!

ONLY $20.00!!!

The Bill Palmer Lecture Notes -- It Works For Me

This material is what Bill used for many of his trade shows and his strolling close-up. It is audience tested and sure-fire.

Your Price--$20.00

This merchandise is from our lecture tour. All genuine. All high quality.

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